Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sick Days and Mommy's Shoes

Recently "AJ" had a trip to the ER because she was congested, only for us to find out it was more than being congested she had RSV. Thanks to our pediatrician "Dr. K" I now understand most of us get RSV during the  peak season every year (which is November to April) and dont know it.  RSV is basically a cold virus that is in your lungs not your nose and upper airways. It affects young children and the elderly differently, and has the chance of causing pnemonia if not treated.

Needless to say "AJ" stayed home from school and we had a mommy/daughter bonding day. It was complete with a trip to the "hair dresser" "make-up artist" and wearing mommy's shoes. "AJ" found my red high heels from my college days, and my clear shoes from my wedding (I wear a ten in most shoes). She paraded with them on saying "I pretty mommy, look at my shoes".  Such a girlie-girl.  I love every minute of it sick or not.

Here is a link to with information on RSV

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