Friday, October 21, 2011

Pittsburgh Penguins are not real animals

We were shopping at Giant Eagle when we heard over the loud speaker that there was a Pittsburgh Penguin signing autographs at the front of the store. Being the good friend that we are AJ and I went to the front to get an autograph for a friend. I told her we were going to meet a penguin, and then we got in line. We met the pretzel for HK Anderson Pretzels ( and you can find her pic with the pretzel), when it hit me. AJ was expecting the Pittsburgh Penguin to be a fuzzy black and white animal.. . . uh oh. Quickly I told her that this was a person we were meeting and he played hockey for the Penguins.  AJ took this is stride and made up a song (remember she isnt 3 yet)... "mr penguin, you are a person not an animal. you are gonna play a penguin"  Well he must have thought she was cute, because he picked her up and took her pic. So here it is my first pic on the blog and its one of AJ with Pascal Dupuis.  The exciting things that happen when you are shopping on a Friday night.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Moving Mayhem and Missing my Blog Friends

We recently moved to the Pittsburgh Area, and I am sorry to say that adjusting to my new world, made me leave behind some parts of my old world that I didnt want to give up.  My blog, my Mary Kay business, and seeing my friends has been harder, but I am making big changes.

Since we have moved my business is picking up slowly, and now we have a computer so I can blog again. Also I am working on healthier cooking as a part of my new world. I will share some recipes on here as I perfect them. And I will get back to sharing stories about the little girl, she is way to funny to keep them to myself.

Lets try to think of one good one to tell... One of our newest experiences was going to the Children's Musem to see Dora Live.  The show was wonderful, and the company was awesome.  "AJ" enjoyed playing on the set and singing "Isa Turn the Wheel."  I will keep folks updated of the new things there are to do around here as we experience them.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Lions, Tigers, and TICKS !! Oh my!!!

We have been playing outside a lot lately, and I found a bug/bite on "AJ's" leg that we were pretty sure was a tick.  The ER could not confirm that because of what it looked like, but they did inform me that the day we were there they have 6 people who were treated for ticks.  They are very real, and very prevalent in our community currently. 

Then I came to work and it was discussed that three of my co-workers children have had ticks on them, sometimes multiple ticks.   We have been told that because the weather has been so damp lately that the ticks are higher and more prevalent at the current time.

Check out the website below for information on ticks.  When in doubt call the doctor.   DO NOT USE GASOLINE, VASOLINE, DAWN, or  A BLOW TORCH, they do not work (all remedies I have heard lately).   Check your children and your self when you get a bath, the hospital informed us the sooner you get the tick off the better your chances of no disease.  

Sing the Brad Paisely song, "Ticks" as you do this task if you like.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sleep Apnea

Poor "AJ" is probably going to be your response when you look at these pictures.  She had a sleep study done at the Sleep Lab for Children's Hospital in Wexford.  She did such a good job, she was such a trooper with all the wires and cords.  It was definitely not her normal routine for going to bed either, since she is used to mommy rocking her.

From this I learned that night terrors are real for her, (they have definitely been real in our home for us, but now we have a medical professional telling us they are real).  That she has real problems breathing in her sleep, and we need more medical opinions to see our next step.  For now, it remains our job to go to her when she wakes up screaming and assure she isnt hurting herself.  My only sigh of relief here is that I keep learning of more friends with kids who have this issue and it didnt last long for them...just 4 years, and we are 2.5 in.

Friday, April 29, 2011

More World Disasters

It hasnt been that long since I was blogging about world disasters and how much we share with our children, but also being able to share with them ways that they can help others in need.  I thought I would repost this article from last month in light of all of the tornado disasters in the midwest.

Please remember those who have been affected both in your giving, and your prayers.  Not just those with damage to homes and lives are affected but also those who are related, friends, workers, etc... it is such a trickle effect.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Experiences - An airport and revival

About a month ago, PHBC (Penn Hills Baptist Church) had a revival and one of my friends from college, (the very musically talented Brian McClure) came from Nashville, TN to lead worship on Friday night.

So on Thursday we took "AJ" to the airport to pick him up and to watch the planes come and go, but alas, she feel asleep as soon as we pulled in.

She had lots of fun playing with "Misser Brian" he has lots of energy (like her) and could chase her, which he did, and taught her some new games. We even practiced hunting for eggs for Easter. ("mom its empty, no chocate" was her response to this practice, a kid after my own heart).

Then on Friday night, we went to the church for revival. Going to church is not a new thing for "AJ" but a hellfire and brimstone preacher is. She was ok in the sanctuary for the music worship but she went to the nursery like normal for the speaker. When the preacher got going her eyes got huge and she looked at the monitor in the room and said "thats not my pappy".

On Saturday we made a return trip to the airport to take "misser Brian" to catch his plane. Both mama and "AJ" shed a tear as we waved good-bye. Just as we turned around to get in the car we got to see a plane take off. "AJ" said "a plane momma." So glad our trip to the airport wasnt a total bust on seeing a plane.

Hopefully it won't be too long before we pick up our friend for another visit, but until then we will look at pictures and remember the fun of this weekend.

Oh yeah, we've been introduced to Horizons Organic Milk   which "AJ" loved and will become her new treat when mommy gets her latte...all thanks to our personal barista's/Starbucks tutor's recommendations.

I am sure he wouldnt mind but if you want to hear any of "Misser Brian's music"... check out...

Experiences and Curious George

We try to collect "Curious George Books"  for all the experiences "AJ" has had. Such as when she went to the chocolate factory (post coming), going to the donut shop and zoo. There are so many books out there, but I thought I would list a few of our favorites from our fun.

Curious George
Curious George Goes Camping
Curious George Visits the Library
Curious George Visits the Zoo
Curious George and the Donut Delivery
Curious George and the Pizza Party

and SOOOOO Many more