Thursday, March 17, 2011

Things kids say....

I would be remiss not to say Happy St. Patricks Day...

** Believe it or not, it amazes me the things that she says daily and mind you she is only 2.

1.  A recent conversation between mom and child. "Its time to get up momma.."  "Is it?" "The clock in my room says so (she doesnt have a clock BTW)" "What time does it say?" "40, time to get up. Want some hot tea momma?" All this as she walks to her kitchen, and picks up her pink Fisher Price tea pot and puts it on the stove.

2. "AJ" was recently sick (a post on that later) and got a get well card from Nana and Pappy with two dollars in it.
     I was really craving a cup of coffee and didnt want to use my debit card, so I asked "AJ" if I could use her dollars and would pay her back on Friday. 
    She thought about it and said, "Just one dollar mom, not two dollars." I asked her if she had two dollars and she said "from Nana" with a look of 'duh' on her face.
Amazing that she understands the concept of one-one that if I borrowed one dollar she would still have one left,  She is smarter than me I feel. 

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