Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Biggest Loser"

This past fall our family was challenged to a "biggest loser" competition and I readily accepted the challenge. I made a few small changes to my life (I've slipped up on some of those changes) but still managed to lose 35 lbs. 

Here is my statement in public that we wish as a family not just to lose weight but to begin to make some healthier choices.
     1. Pack lunches - get recipes and supplies to make them fun, also the plan is to pack them the night before so there is less chance for convenience packing
     2. Walk a little everyday - do some form of exercise be it playing outside, doing "Wii Fit" or walking at the mall
     3. Try a new recipe or food once a week. Just like preschool you must try a bite, they say it takes ten tries before you can decide if you like something.

This weeks recipe was strawberry and strawberry mango puree made warm like soup... it rocked....

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