Monday, September 5, 2011

Moving Mayhem and Missing my Blog Friends

We recently moved to the Pittsburgh Area, and I am sorry to say that adjusting to my new world, made me leave behind some parts of my old world that I didnt want to give up.  My blog, my Mary Kay business, and seeing my friends has been harder, but I am making big changes.

Since we have moved my business is picking up slowly, and now we have a computer so I can blog again. Also I am working on healthier cooking as a part of my new world. I will share some recipes on here as I perfect them. And I will get back to sharing stories about the little girl, she is way to funny to keep them to myself.

Lets try to think of one good one to tell... One of our newest experiences was going to the Children's Musem to see Dora Live.  The show was wonderful, and the company was awesome.  "AJ" enjoyed playing on the set and singing "Isa Turn the Wheel."  I will keep folks updated of the new things there are to do around here as we experience them.