Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Experiences...Yummy Warm Doughnuts

A couple of Friday's ago, we went to a local doughnut shop in Clarion on the recommendation of a friend.  We got to sit at the counter and watch the owners make the doughnuts.  It was the coolest thing "AJ" had seen, Mommy thought it was pretty awesome too.

The dough was in a silver batter bowl, that "plopped" it down into the oil, where it cooked for a bit, then was turned over, cooked somemore, and then went up a conveyor belt before being dropped in a bowl to cool.

The owners share that they have a vanilla doughnut everyday they are open but there are also days with chocolate, zebra, and blueberry.  All the doughnuts come "bare" and they have many toppings for you to choose from and then they dress your dougnuts.

We went home and I searched for the book Curious George and the Doughnut Shop but couldnt find's  looking if you have suggestions besides the library.

If you are in the Clarion area, the shop is in the 800 center, and is called Dough and Joe.  The coffee is good there as well, the prices are reasonable, and the doughnuts are fantastic.    "AJ" wants to know when we can go back.

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