Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sleep Apnea

Poor "AJ" is probably going to be your response when you look at these pictures.  She had a sleep study done at the Sleep Lab for Children's Hospital in Wexford.  She did such a good job, she was such a trooper with all the wires and cords.  It was definitely not her normal routine for going to bed either, since she is used to mommy rocking her.

From this I learned that night terrors are real for her, (they have definitely been real in our home for us, but now we have a medical professional telling us they are real).  That she has real problems breathing in her sleep, and we need more medical opinions to see our next step.  For now, it remains our job to go to her when she wakes up screaming and assure she isnt hurting herself.  My only sigh of relief here is that I keep learning of more friends with kids who have this issue and it didnt last long for them...just 4 years, and we are 2.5 in.