Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Experiences are Memory Makers

Ever since "AJ" was born, we have taken a trip to Kraynaks in Sharon, Pa for Easter and Christmas Lanes.  This year was no different. (Also we go early in the season so we can go more than once).

Two weeks ago we went to Easter Lane and got a big kick out of watching "AJ's" reactions change as she gets older. The first thing that we saw when we walked in was "Dora" in a spring shower and she is our current favorite. Our other favorite display was the "Sesame Street/Muppet" Wild West Show.  If you live close to it , check it out because it is fun and FREE!

At gas being almost $3.50 a gallon to make it worth your while, be sure to also check out Daffin's Candy, Philadelphia Chocolate, The Shop at O'Neil Coffee (good stuff, trust me), and the $3.00 theater.  All of these shops are in Sharon and have unique offerings.

PS>  Dont tell my friends at "Hershey" I am sending you elsewhere for chocolate

PPS> There is a factory tour at Philadelphia Chocolates on April 9 from 9-4...maybe worth the trip that weekend.

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