Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Chuck E Cheese"....for parenting help? Why yes please.

One of our favorite places to go since last summer when we went with 'Uncle' in Erie is "Chuck E Cheese".  When we first went "AJ" liked the games and the show, but hated the big guy.  Now she requests going there and both sides of the family  readily oblige.

I was doing some research on the place for work about locations of the restaraunt when I discovered that "Chuck E Cheese" has reward charts and a report card program where you can earn free tokens.  I think if you are already a fan of the place or are able to go there using coupons and a spending limit (it can get expensive if you let it) this is a great parenting tip.

Here's to printing the potty chart at our house and giving it a go this week...we are so close to being trained any incentive will do.

Go to to check out the training charts.

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