Monday, June 6, 2011

Lions, Tigers, and TICKS !! Oh my!!!

We have been playing outside a lot lately, and I found a bug/bite on "AJ's" leg that we were pretty sure was a tick.  The ER could not confirm that because of what it looked like, but they did inform me that the day we were there they have 6 people who were treated for ticks.  They are very real, and very prevalent in our community currently. 

Then I came to work and it was discussed that three of my co-workers children have had ticks on them, sometimes multiple ticks.   We have been told that because the weather has been so damp lately that the ticks are higher and more prevalent at the current time.

Check out the website below for information on ticks.  When in doubt call the doctor.   DO NOT USE GASOLINE, VASOLINE, DAWN, or  A BLOW TORCH, they do not work (all remedies I have heard lately).   Check your children and your self when you get a bath, the hospital informed us the sooner you get the tick off the better your chances of no disease.  

Sing the Brad Paisely song, "Ticks" as you do this task if you like.