Saturday, April 2, 2011

I am an educator... I teach women about Beauty...Thank you Mary Kay

I am an educator with Mary Kay Cosmetics. I don't sell Mary Kay. I teach women about glamour and skin care. Most importantly I teach women to value themselves.

From all of these women I learn as well. I learn about myself and my own self-esteem. I learn about what makes me feel beautiful on the outside and helping women makes me feel good on the inside.

Mary Kay's goal was to teach women about skin care, help them feel good about themselves, and supply women with an opportunity to support their families in this man's world. I am blessed by this opportunity in my own life.

Talk to me about my Mary Kay experience if you get the chance, I would love to share about my blessing with you. I have so many stories of the changes I have seen in women through my time in Mary Kay.

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