Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Experiences - An airport and revival

About a month ago, PHBC (Penn Hills Baptist Church) had a revival and one of my friends from college, (the very musically talented Brian McClure) came from Nashville, TN to lead worship on Friday night.

So on Thursday we took "AJ" to the airport to pick him up and to watch the planes come and go, but alas, she feel asleep as soon as we pulled in.

She had lots of fun playing with "Misser Brian" he has lots of energy (like her) and could chase her, which he did, and taught her some new games. We even practiced hunting for eggs for Easter. ("mom its empty, no chocate" was her response to this practice, a kid after my own heart).

Then on Friday night, we went to the church for revival. Going to church is not a new thing for "AJ" but a hellfire and brimstone preacher is. She was ok in the sanctuary for the music worship but she went to the nursery like normal for the speaker. When the preacher got going her eyes got huge and she looked at the monitor in the room and said "thats not my pappy".

On Saturday we made a return trip to the airport to take "misser Brian" to catch his plane. Both mama and "AJ" shed a tear as we waved good-bye. Just as we turned around to get in the car we got to see a plane take off. "AJ" said "a plane momma." So glad our trip to the airport wasnt a total bust on seeing a plane.

Hopefully it won't be too long before we pick up our friend for another visit, but until then we will look at pictures and remember the fun of this weekend.

Oh yeah, we've been introduced to Horizons Organic Milk   which "AJ" loved and will become her new treat when mommy gets her latte...all thanks to our personal barista's/Starbucks tutor's recommendations.

I am sure he wouldnt mind but if you want to hear any of "Misser Brian's music"... check out...

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