Monday, February 28, 2011

Out of the mouthes of babes...

"AJ" is quite expressive with her vocabulary and creative with her explanations of the things in her life. I decided to write some down before they are gone.

1. In the morning, just like her momma, "AJ" likes to wake up on her own accord.  Choosing her wake up time makes her happy. As of late she has been choosing her morning catch phrase to be "No wake up me"

2. "I go work" Since both parents work "AJ" likes to play work. Her dad works at Subway and at a local daycare where she says he feeds applesauce to babies which is what she now wants to do. If you ask her where her daddy works she just replies, "Subay, feeds applesauce to babies" (spelling indicates pronunciation) and marches on.

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